Create YOUR OWN Cryptocurrency Exchange

New concept of whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange. A usecase and income stream for cryptocurrency project

Blacklabel Exchange


  • Your own brand and your chosen base pair coin exchange
  • No name, word, phrase or anything that connects your exchange to us - It's fully BLACKLABEL!! Our brand and name is blacked out on your exchange
  • Listing submission is through you and with your own rate of listing fees / determine your own listing fees that you want to charge from a project
  • Option to pay listing fee in your own Cryptocurrency
  • Since it's your own brand, you can register on aggregators like CMC, Coingecko and Coinpaprika, MNO, MNBIZ, etc with your own brand thus uplift your business value
  • Split trading fees 50:50
  • No KYC nor email is required. User holds their own private key. Operates on all regions and country

Blacklabel Exchange Partners

MNPoSTree Exchange

MNPoStree Exchange