Project Genesis

Blockchain started

Website and Explorer

Desktop and Web wallets release

Partnership with presale platforms

IEO on Graviex

Listing on Deliondex

For IEO purpose

Presale Phase #1

Presale phase #2

Listing on first major exchange

Altecoin is listed on

Listing on coin aggregator websites, Coingecko, Coinpaprika and hopefully Coinmarketcap

Advertisement and promotion

2022 - Semester 1
January - June

Mobile Wallet Development started

Send, receive, staking and masternode in one App

Beta version of Altecoin Mobile App

Final release of Altecoin Mobile App

wALTC Development started

Wrapped ALTC on ETH and BSC Chain

Release of ALTC to wALTC Bridge

Adding wALTC on Decentralised Exchanges

Uniswap, Bakery swap, Pancake swap, etc

Listing on second major exchange

Specifically targetting south american investors

Recruitment of ALTC South America ambassador

Bring ALTC as payment currency in south america through mobile app

2022 - Semester 2
July - December

Mobile App Version 2.0 Development Phase #1

In App coin swap; ALTC->BTC, ALTC->USDT, ALTC-DLN and ALTC-LTC

Add several languages translation

Mobile App Version 2.0 Development Phase #2

Add new features to pay bills, utility, buy air time and digital products using ALTC

Explore and adjustment as the time changes

Listing on third major exchange

Targetting Chinese investors

Open up community channel for Chinese investors

Recruitment of ALTC Chinese ambassador