Additional Services to support your Coin Project

Below are supporting services for your own blockchain.


DNS Seeder

DNS Seeder server is a service that crawl the blockchain network and check for good peers. This service helps wallet to connect to the blockchain network without addnodes instead the wallet gets the peers from the coded DNS server address. Pricing details below:

$100 / One time payment

If you order installation service only, it will be installed in only 1 server. If you rent server from me, i will install in 3 servers and in 3 different locatoins


Blockchain Explorer

I use the open source Iquidus Explorer - 1.7.4. You can install by yourself using the tutorial provided on the github repository. But if you don't know how to follow the tutorial or you are busy and want to use my service, these are my offers to you:

$100 / One time payment

If you order installation service only then you need to provide the server.


Hosting Server

Hosting service for your DNS seeder application and Blockchain explorer

DNS Seeder hosting
$60 / Year for 3 servers in different locations

Blockchain Eplorer hosting
$60 / Year / One domain address

Managed service is included like maintain the uptime server, make sure it's on the right chain, wallet upgrade and reindex explorer if needed.